hi, I’m tanya val!

I’m an Alaska based abstract painter and florist who is inspired by nature’s warmth, adventures and all the good feels!

My artwork explores themes of individuality, freedom and sustainability with the use of warm tones, expressive brush strokes and layered textures. My artistic approach is purely intuitive with little to no planning, allowing me to experiment and develop each piece based on feeling and emotion of the moment.

Simultaneously, my floral work takes an artistic approach allowing me to paint with flowers. My style is wild and romantic while taking in nature as a guide in illustrating the most organic beauty and its feeling.



a bit about me:

  • I can’t get enough of Alaska’s beauty

  • I live for foraging and painting in nature

  • My latest Exhibition “Catching Feels” was mostly painted outside (watch video here) (read about the show here)

  • I received a BA in Painting and Graphic Design from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

  • I’ve always loved being creative and learning new skills. I’ve worked as a MAC Makeup Artist, line cook, graphic designer and wedding photographer, but my heart always came back to my first love - Painting.

  • I’m an ENFP personality (hence all the feels)

  • I love smooth jazz and hip hop, when the two genres are mixed - it’s magic!

  • Cooking is my favorite

  • Laughing really loud is unavoidable

  • I love the smell of the sea

  • I have no chill while traveling; I need to see and eat everything

  • I collect spices from travels

  • I love learning more about herbal medicine especially while foraging

  • Berry picking season is my favorite season

  • My partner Carson and I just finished building our first house, it’s our love child. Scope it out here

  • I painted under a receding glacier in Alaska a few years ago and it was life changing. Watch the video here.

  • I love to collaborate with like minded ladies and empower each other

  • I dream of having my own garden of flowers and veggies (big plans for the summer!)

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